Charities to help you spare a thought for the kids

At this time of year, we are encouraged to spare a thought for those less fortunate than ourselves so here’s our top 10 list of charities this Holiday Season.

Obviously there are thousands of charities, so we have put these in categories so that you can find a charity near you that helps children, animals, homeless, seniors, the planet and more!

10 Charities For Kids – non-profit organization dedicated to providing Christmas to children who need it most – there may be a branch near you

Local Toy Drives – you are probably hearing about these on your radios right now! Take a gift and it will be given to local children in need or sick kids – the wish foundation grants wishes to poor, unfortunate or ill children by making their dreams come true, you can even nominate a child and – helping to fight child poverty – the sad truth is that even kids in beautiful homes are subject to abuse behind closed doors, help kids by finding your local charity

If you want your charity added then please let us know using the contact form USA or Canada

Next Post – charities for seniors and the elderly coming soon!

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