Build your own Custom Conference Wallet

If you’re looking for a different sized conference wallet, we can provide Neck Pouches or Badge Wallets to order. This is useful if you require a bigger logo, have a specific size for conference agenda or badge inserts or if you just want something bigger.

Customize your wallet color, trim color, choose your lanyard type, imprint, or request additional pockets. View our gallery of custom wallets at the bottom of this page.

Examples of Custom Additions

badge-wallet-blue badge-wallet-blue badge-wallet-blue
Wider 1/2 inch lanyard – if you require a high quality imprint Safety Breakaway – quick release lanyards Business Card Pocket / Pen Pocket
badge-wallet-blue badge-wallet-blue  badge-wallet-blue
Extra Back Pocket (clear/fabric) ‘Lanyard Free’ – if you require a larger lanyard or have ordered them elsewhere Custom Size

Our Favorite Testimonial

You are the BEST! I cannot thank you enough. I used to work in customer service and I would like to think that I gave as good customer service as you. You took the time to ask me what the event was and help me pick the right product with the right price. I really appreciate everything and would order from you again in a second!!

- C.B., The Marshall Group, Inc

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