Badge Holders

Our premium vinyl badge holders are made from high-quality 10 gauge vinyl which means each badge holder is sturdy while remaining soft and pliable. Our name badge holders are perfect for multi-day use, as well as one-time use and can be recycled when the event is over. We carry a wide variety of badge holders for your conference, convention, trade show, special event or meeting. If you are environmentally conscious we have our own Biodegradable Badge Holders which can be used in conjunction with our recycled eco lanyards.

Name Tag Holders can be used with any of our lanyards, neck cords, neck chains, or elastic cords. If you require a larger name tag, try our extra large badge holders which can hang vertically or horizontally, or our Vertical Badge holders. All items can be purchased with a single hook attachment, or if you require a no twist option, double bulldog clips/swivel hooks.

If you want to differentiate diffentiate your teams, use Colour Coded Badge Holders or our Custom Printed Badge Holder with a Colour custom printed strip. All badge holders can be used with our badge ribbons for additional visibility.

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Sean, I would really like to thank you and compliment you and your company for your amazing customer service yesterday. I went from panic to wow, it’s going to be okay. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you in the future.

- Cindy Hauck, Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association

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