Employee ID Supplies

We stock hundreds of different accessory products for wearing and carrying Photo ID and access cards for your employees or organization.

Standard ID Holders include: colour top, proximity card holders, credential holders, flap and zipper ID Holders and clip on ID Holders. We also offer Smart Card holders designed for smart cards & Proximity Cards with a frost finish to prevent UV damage, to half card holders and card clamps. If you want to avoid fabric damage, our magnetic badges and holders are stong and durable with shielded magnets to avoid damage to magnetic stripes on cards.

We carry a large selection of Arm Band ID Holders including: vertical, horizontal, zipper closure, and fluorescent orange. All Arm Band Holders can be custom printed with your logo or message. Badge Reels and retractable carabiner reels are perfect for card reader and proximity systems, now with longer cord.

Combined with a large range of plain, flat lanyards, nylon cord lanyards or custom printed lanyards, you are sure to have employee ID that is smart and functional.

Other popular items include laminating pouches for cards and badges, and badge attachment accessories.

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ID Holders Smart Card Holders Arm Band ID Holders
Badge Reels Custom Printed Lanyards Blank Lanyards
Badge & Attachment Accessories Magnetic Badges Laminating Pouches

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Sean, I would really like to thank you and compliment you and your company for your amazing customer service yesterday. I went from panic to wow, it’s going to be okay. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you in the future.

- Cindy Hauck, Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association

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