The Unusual Holidays We Should Make Note Of …

And if we can use it as an excuse to host or co-host another holiday type party, why not?! Any reason for a party seems to be the running guideline of our office!

  • December 1 – Eat a red apple day. They do say an apple a day, keeps the doctor away!
  • December 4 – Cabernet Franc Day and Cookie Day! Eat all the cookies, and drink all the wine. Do I smell a party?
  • December 8 – Brownie Day. Who thinks we should have a brownie competition at the office? Calories don’t count in December, do they?
  • December 9 – Pastry Day?!
  • December 12 – Gingerbread House Day. Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned gingerbread house?
  • December 15 – Ah, once again Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is upon us. Our office will be sporting our ugly sweaters once again, so make sure to show us yours on Instagram! Use #mybuglysweater 🙂 Oh and it’s free shipping day, but there’s a whole other blog/social posts on that!
  • December 16 – Chocolate covered anything day. Chocolate does make everything better …
  • December 21 – Bah Humbug Day. When you’ve just given up on the chaos that is the Christmas season. Especially if you haven’t finished shopping yet …
  • December 23 – Happy Festivus! The holiday made famous by Seinfeld. Go on, air your grievances – you’ll feel so much better 😉
  • December 24 – Egg nog day. Eggnog straight up? Eggnog latte? Rum n Eggnog? It’s all delicious!
  • December 30 – Bacon day …I thought this was every day?

Am I the only one who feels like I gained 5lbs just writing this list? Let the holiday season begin! Cheers!