As much as we *cough the boss cough cough* loved our old website, we knew that it was something that needed to be changed, to make it easier for you to find and place your orders. No one needs to be stressed out trying to place an order when they’ve got 101 other things to do at the same time.

We are happy to announce that the new website is now fully functional & updated. We can offer you the best of both worlds now – you can quickly and easily place an order online (payment and all!) or you can hop on chat/email/phone to place your order.


Level Up!!! Hallelujah!



First things first; we know all of our lives are turned upside down. While the majority of what we focus on, is conference and event ID solutions and swag, we know that’s near impossible these days. We’re looking towards the future – a time where we will all be able to meet again.

With looking ahead to the future, we also want you to be ready to rock and roll. We suggest heading to the site, clicking on your currency up at the top of the page, and then click on Sign In/Register to create your account. It’s always better to be prepared, right? Right!

The past is in the past, but let’s review

In case you’ve already forgotten, let me take you back in time. Some of our biggest complaints on the previous site consisted of:

  • Not being able to pay online – if I had a dollar for every time I’d heard this, I could retire! All joking aside, we needed time to come up with a whole new website, in order to be able to give you the security of a fully integrated e-commerce system. It’s me that has been on this project since the beginning, so trust me when I say it was planned to be done sooner than 2020. Trust me. 
  • Typing in products manually is just asking for an error or three – Truer words have never been spoken, but having a cart is an e-commerce functionality, so goes hand in hand with the above complaint about not being able to pay online. To have a cart, even without e-commerce functionality, meant a complete overhaul.
  • Navigating the website was not user friendly – I completely concur, 100%. Unless you knew exactly where to look, you may not have found what you were looking for. I know that I studied that website when I first started, so i’d know where everything was. Event planners do not need anything else to clog up their day.
  • When putting an order together, I couldn’t see the total cost – this goes hand in hand with the first point. In order to have done this, we’d have to have the cart system, which is an e-commerce function.
  • I can’t see my order history! Can you email me the previous order so I can know what so-and-so ordered? – So frustrating, we know. There’s nothing more frustrating than having someone order, not keep a copy of the order, them leaving and you, or the person replacing them, trying to figure out what was ordered so you can order again. Especially for those of you with multiple events, and you order different types of products for different organizations.

What’s changed?

  • Not being able to pay online – is a thing of the past! Fully functional e-commerce system, gives you the ability to pay online with your Visa/MC/AmEx, PayPal. There is even a PO option for those that are approved on PO/NET30 terms. If you are not approved for PO/NET30, we will be contacting you to collect payment details, or we can email you a link to pay via PayPal. 
  • Typing in products manually is just asking for an error or three – And you’ll never have to do it again! Hallelujah! Simply add your products to the cart, but, if you forget a required field, such as a colour choice, you’ll be prompted to choose a colour and re-add to your cart.
  • Navigating the website was not user friendly – the new website is clean, bright, and easy to use. Products are easily categorized, and you can find products in multiple categories, depending on the type of situation you are looking at using the product(s) for.
  • When putting an order together, I couldn’t see the total cost – And now you can! if you’re trying to figure out the cost of some printed lanyards, but just want to see the difference between printing on the front only or the front and back? We have you covered. Any additional options you add, will sub-total in the grey pricing area. And the pricing for each column, and style, is listed in the grey chart as well, so you can easily compare variations.
  • I can’t see my order history! Can you email me the previous order so I can know what so-and-so ordered? – Moving forward, you will have any future orders in your order history (so long as you create an account). We are working on a way to get your order history imported, but no immediate promises. But at least you’ll now see what you’ve ordered, when you have ordered online!

We are always welcome to feedback, regarding our site. You may see something that doesn’t work, or you may have a suggestion for us. We’re open to any and all feedback. This website may be 3 years behind schedule, but with all road blocks behind us, and a lot of love, sweat, blood, and tears, we hope you enjoy your purchase experience with us from here on out. We had hoped to kick off 2020 with this site, but COVID threw us all for a loop, however, in the end this, gave us more time to work on finicky little details that would have been near impossible during the usual chaos of the Spring conference and event season.

Until We Meet Again