No Touch Aid Tool

In addition to our key tags that we’ve had for years, we now have the No Touch Aid tool, brought into the spotlight thanks to the current COVID pandemic. Small enough to adhere to your keys, and not very heavy – no one needs more weight on their keys – so that they’re on you the majority of the time. Protect yourself from germs while on the go!

  • Elevator buttons
  • Building intercom buzzers
  • Pull / push doors
  • Touch screens
  • Key pads/pin pads
  • Gas pumps
  • Crosswalk signal buttons
  • Use to open garbage cans

I never realized just how many items I touch in a day, until COVID hit. Opening the doors in my condo building, opening doors to a coffee shop, paying at a gas pump, hitting a button to cross the street, or going to the bank to withdraw money, as a few examples. I mean, holy cannoli; I’m surprised I don’t go through more hand sanitizer.


  • Fully Confidential – your personal information is never displayed on the tag or shared with anyone, unless you give permission.
  • Reduce Stress – once your tag(s) is/are activated, ReturnMe has you covered and your information isn’t publicly displayed so no need to worry about someone tracking you down.
  • Cost Savings – the cost to replace items can be expensive, so use your ReturnMe tag(s) on anything that is important and valuable to you. For me, it’s imperative to have on my keys because the cost to replace FOB’s is expensive!
  • Lifetime Service – heck yes! Free for life (unless you upgrade to a paid tier). ‘Nuff said.
  • Worldwide Service – This system works anywhere in the world and ReturnMe and can ship to you anywhere in the World. Lose something when on holidays? Have them ship to your hotel so you have peace of mind that you’ll have the item(s) back in your hands.
  • Finders Fee – what better way to thank, and incentivize, those that find lost items? Once the item is returned, the person who found your lost item(s) will receive a reward. Talk about a win-win!
  • 24/7/365 Service – no downtime; this service is available every hour, every minute, and every second of every darn day.

Return Me; What is it?

The Return Me tags that we carry can be adhered to items such as your keys, cell phones etc., so if your item(s) is/are ever lost, the finder of your item(s) can get them returned to you, at no charge. Story time!

Sean (the boss) gave his father in law one of our ReturnMe key tags, to adhere to his keys and his cell phone, just in case. Sean’s father in law activated his key tags online; one for his cell phone and one for his keys. And then it happened – he lost his keys many years ago, and someone found them. He has the return me key tag on his keys, and the finder contacted ReturnMe about the keys that they found. ReturnMe contacted him to let him know that his keys were found and that they would be returned back to him at no charge. He received his keys back within 48 hours, and it saved him from changing locks, getting new keys, and contacting the dealership for a new key for the car.  Talk about a money and time saver, right? The bonus? The finder does receive a reward (based on the tier you select upon signup), which is an incentive to contact ReturnMe to return the product and it reduces stress on your part about losing your item. This service is Worldwide; lose something when at a conference in London, UK and you’ve already flown home to San Francisco, CA and your product will still be returned to you, when ReturnMe is contacted. None of your personal information is given to the finder – all that information is confidential and seen only by ReturnMe agents.

To sum it all up:  receive your ReturnMe product –> create your free online account –> activate your tag –> lose your item –> someone finds your item –> finder contacts ReturnMe about lost item –> ReturnMe contacts you to meet or have the item shipped back to you. 

If you’ve ever been looking for a product that can be useful for anyone and everyone, this is it. Not just a tool for now, but a tool that can be used in a post COVID world as well.