We’ve done our own swivel. 

Notice that I didn’t say the “P” word?

Conferences and events, always have been, our business. But, while we are at a standstill, as we navigate the future of in person events, and working with virtual swag bags / delivered swag bags for virtual events, we’ve been working on something on the side. You’ve likely seen or used our updated website. But other than the website, we’ve switched our focus to employee identification. Identification is something we’ve always put together for conferences and events, so it wasn’t a huge stretch for us to expand and offer this. While we know that there are still a lot of organizations that are working remotely, there are still a fair amount of organizations working, and those that need to replace or change their identification solutions.

The bonus? Some of these solutions can be used within the hospitality industry, and some can even be used for upcoming events – anti-microbial lanyards, for example.

Germs are reshaping how we act and what we do.

Who would have thought that at the beginning of 2020, we’d be mere weeks away from a global pandemic, turning our lives upside down, causing us to wonder what is in store for our business. Well, that time has come, and we’re still very much in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. By switching our focus towards the employee ID side of things, we came across the antimicrobial lanyards.

Do you work in healthcare? Education? Hospitality? These lanyards come with a wide no-twist plastic hook to keep your badge facing forward, and also includes a quick release breakaway at the back of the neck – a standard requirement for workplace identification. The micro-weave material contains nanoparticle-coated fibers that inhibit the growth of bacteria* and kill odor causing bacteria. These lanyards can have your organization branding on them, or you can keep them blank.

When you need to have ID on you at all times, but also need to have something safe, you can’t find a better match than our anti-microbial lanyards. Oh, and side note – these are definitely something that can be used for any future conferences and events.

*Tested against e-coli and staphylococcus

Easy wrist access on site

Do you have employees that work outside? Those that are going through constant FOB access points? These proximity wristbands mean you can wear your key on your wrist, for contactless access – definitely something at the top of mind these days. These are available in black and blue, and can be imprinted with your organization branding, or left blank.

These can be used in tandem with physical identification, and the wristband has the quick access for entry into certain areas of your workplace. They come in three different sizes, to accommodate a variety of wrist sizes – 6″, 7″ and 8″ are available. These wristbands are programmed with standard 26 bit, but is also available in 35 bit and 37 bit, to ensure what works best for your organization.

Healthcare badge buddies

Do you work within the healthcare system? You already have to wear identification on you, but sometimes it can be difficult for patients to know which type of practitioner is treating them.

For example, when differentiating between an RN, LPN, Nurse Practitioner, how does a patient know who they should or should not be talking to? Make it easy for your healthcare patients to know who does what, by incorporating these badge buddies to your current identification.

The badge buddies come in a vertical and horizontal size, to accommodate the type of identification you have for your staff.

Quick wrist access to keys

Keep your identification and/or keys on your wrist; introducing our wrist coil with split ring and vinyl ID strap. These are perfect for those who need quick and frequent access as close to your finger tips as possible. These are easy to disinfect and keep clean, that have a split ring for keys and a strap clip that can be attached to a badge/employee ID.

This is a product that could be perfect for those within the hospitality industry, but can also be handy for those onsite at a conference/event, that need quick access to a room or rooms onsite, that have stuff locked away.

The ID alternate to a lanyard

When you work in an organization where ID has to be on your person at all time, but don’t want to wear a lanyard for multiple hours per day? Need to be able to easily swipe your card, or show your card to security, day in and day out? Try using something such as a badge reel.

Our badge reels are rated for 100,000 pulls, and can be imprinted with your organization branding, or you can leave them blank. The length of the cord is 34″ so you have any where on your person, and be able to reach a FOB scanner, or show to security. Use the strap clip with your identification card, and use the belt clip to keep the badge reel on your person at all times.

Swipe, swipe, swipe

Whether you work in hospitality, healthcare, education, corporation, or if you need a badge to hand out for a membership (ex: gym), the PVC card with a magnetic stripe, will work for you. These come in a credit card size (CR80) that measures 2-1/8″ x 3-3/8″, and are in a 30 mil thickness, so they’re not flimsy. The magnetic strip can carry storage data, and you can customize your cards with a standarad PVC ID card printer, where you can add branded graphics, bar codes, photos, and other variable data such as names.

Looking to add a security feature to your cards, to help alleviate counterfeit badges? Add on the adhesive backed security overlay, which has a key and seal hologram feature, which cannot be duplicated, making this a great anti-counterfeit solution, for your badges.

On Site Safety First!

If you work in construction, traffic, or any other outdoor occupations, it’s important to have reflectivity on you. You can use our safety first reflective lanyards, which has a light reflective grey material, and then a base colour choice ( black, red, royal blue, and orange) along with a single swivel J hook and a breakaway attachment. These lanyards can also be imprinted with your organizational branding, as well.

Help keep your employees safe, while looking stylish at the same time.

Punchity, punch, punch!

Alright, so who is going to punch these cards when new employee(s) begin? Hi administrators!

For our admin super heroes that are in charge of keeping track of incoming and outgoing employees, you don’t want to have to punch every single card with a hand punch, do you? Of course not! Snag one of our table top slot punch that will help you punch uniform and consistent slots on all of your badges, whether you want to punch vertically or horizontally. This sits on the table, with a lever to punch your slots, keeping them uniform and consistent. The slot size is 9/16″ x 1/8″ which accommodates any lanyard or strap clip.

You’ll notice that some of these products listed here, or that you’ll find on the website, can definitely be used at your events, once the World returns to in person events. New products are constantly being added, so let us know if there’s something in particular you’re looking for, but don’t see up on the site, and we’ll work on the details for you.

There is such a wide range of products available for employee identification, so we recommend checking out the website for the full array of offerings.

Until we meet again!

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