Lanyard Safety

The Value of Breakaway Lanyards in the Workplace

There has been much talk in the news recently that draws attention to public service employees that do not wear visible identification badges.

At a public event, especially one that may get a little ‘animated’, you have to wonder at the safety implications of neck cords, lanyards and attachments that could cause harm to the people wearing them.

Public sectors such as the police force have turned to on uniform name ‘patches’ to avoid such occurances but if your employees wear different clothes everyday, a name patch in just not feasable.

The best way to avoid unnecessary harm in the workplace when it comes to permanent ID wearing is to choose a lanyard with a sturdy attachment that breaks apart when pulled with force. These lanyards are called breakaway lanyards.

If your team works with machinery or other hazardous equipment but need to wear employee name badges and other security identification, breakaway lanyards are probably the best lanyard for the job. They’re still available in your company colours and can be imprinted with your logo but the extra safety precaution makes them perfect for high-risk occupations.

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