Stand Out From The Crowd!


conference-badge-holdersWhen everyone is dressed the same at work such as uniformed professionals, name patches are essential, but what about at conferences, events in the work place and at schools?

Name badges are really important at events where networking is a key part of the day’s agenda. Name badges and a good quality lanyards are essential for at-a-glance name recall, making acquaintances easily, and in much faster time as there is less of a need for introductions.

Of course, introductions are the polite way to meet people but sometimes, when there is a group brainstorming together or more than four or five people in conversation, it can be difficult to make sure everyone gets that formal greeting.

Things to remember when deciding on name badges:

You met Paul yesterday, but today you think he might be a Phil, or a Peter. You will avoid saying his name at all costs… until you need to introduce him to a colleague. Name badges are essential!

It’s all well and good having a name badge but if it’s facing the wrong way, it’s not doing its job, invest in a decent no-twist lanyard to keep your identification facing out so people can see it.

Use Colour Coded name badge holders to make it easy for your delegates to spot a facilitator. If there is just one company involved in the event but different branches, colour code the branches.

If you are pushing your eco friendly business stance, use biodegradable badge holders and recycled lanyards.

For multi day events, go for a sturdy name badge holder with heavier gauge vinyl. Many of these can still be recycled.

Keep printing large and clear. If you want to list your sponsors on everyone’s name badge, think about a larger badge holder so that each name can be seen clearly and easily.

Make sure if you are supplying name badges they are ready and available as the first delegate arrives. A Badge carrying case is an excellent investment and make organising badges either alphabetically or otherwise, much easier.

See Colour coded badge holders, twist free lanyards to make sure your delegates can identify people they need to talk to, quickly and easily