Infographics are visual presentations of information that use the elements of design to display content.

Often containing high level complex information, a picture says 1000 words when it comes to infographics and boy do people love to share them!

Infographics for marketing are used to communicate a message,  present data in a way that is easy to understand and because they are branded, if you share them, you could get a wider social reach.

They usually contain the following elements:

  • Visuals – pretty pictures and icons to represent your info
  • Content – Stats, references, the interesting stuff
  • Knowledge – Cold hard facts – this will need researching

Examples of infographics online:

There are even sites dedicated to infographics and Pinterest Boards dedicated to infographics, such is their ‘share-a-bility’

Follow the links to see the full infographics

How can I make one wthout a Designer?

Well the beauty of the internet is that you don’t need a designer for anything these days if you know where to look (sorry designers!). Obviously a designer should always be used for quality content, but if you just want to have a play around before you start creating regularly, there are a number of ‘infographic’ creators that you can use

We will be sending out an infographic this week made by these tools to see how we get on!