In case you haven’t celebrated enough …

December was a very social month for many, and we’re sure you don’t need any reasons for any more parties, but just in case …check out some of our fun holiday highlights for the month of January.

Some more holidays for you to enjoy this month!

  • Bloody Mary Day is ironically on January 1st. Bottoms up to the bottoms up?
  • Festival of sleep day is Wednesday January 3rd. OK, this probably should’ve been January 1st. Someone dropped the ball here.
  • Static electricity day arrives on the 9th. Dry weather + cold temperatures = put a hat on.
  • Perfect for us Pacific Northwesterners, step in a puddle and splash your friends day is on January 11th. This is why we spend lots of money on rain gear!
  • Quick get on a plane and whip over to San Francisco for a cable car selfie – January 17th is cable car day!
  • A day dedicated to pop corn – score! Eat all the popcorn on January 19th.
  • Are you a fan of the hot sauce? Your day is here – January 22nd is hot sauce day. There are at least two different hot sauces in our fridge at work.
  • What convenient timing! International have fun at work day is on FRIDAY January 26th.
  • Feeling blue on the 29th? Pop some bubble wrap for bubble wrap appreciation day. Also, un-poppable bubble wrap should be banned!
  • I seem to recall a backwards day back when I was a kid …did we really make up holidays back then? Do everything backwards on January 31st.

There are plenty of holidays to celebrate in January but here’s just a few highlights. Happy celebrating!