We made it, we made it! Spring is here!

Woah have we been off the ball! Spring weather is upon us …almost. Sorry Northeastern US!

You survived February …and so did we! February is the beginning of the chaos for us so it’s always a bonus to know we’re one month closer to organized chaos! Need to take your mind off the disorganized chaos?

  • Convenient …employee appreciation day is on Friday March 2nd. Party anyone?
  • Being in the event industry, surely you’ve seen some unique names. What’s the most unique name you’ve ever come across? Unique names day is March 6th.
  • One for the small businesses – Be heard day is on March 7th. Sometimes it can be hard for the small businesses to get their words out with all these giant companies around.
  • I get that we’re smack dab in the middle of event and conference season, but Friday March 9th is the day of unplugging. We challenge you to unplug for at least a couple of hours, and no sleeping doesn’t count.
  • Catch up on some zzzzzz’s on Monday March 12th for napping day. And how funny that this is being held on a Monday!
  • Ready for some PI? Oh I did indeed leave off the “e” on purpose. It.s 3.14 today! National Pi Day. Mmmmmmm pi ….e!
  • Remember the days when we didn’t take selfies? The good old days …Friday March 16th is no selfie day. And go! #flashbackfriday
  • International day of happiness is on March 20th. SPRING IS HERE, SPRING IS HERE, SPRING IS HERE!
  • Goof off day is on Thursday March 22nd.
  • Thank goodness for the Scots. International whiskey day is on Tuesday March 27th. Cheers!