Mistakes happen, and usually at the worst time.

You’ve planned, and planned, and planned, and everything was falling into place. You check up on an order you’re expecting and you find out that the vendor may not be able to come through and you should find another solution. The problem? You’re very close to the event and you don’t know what to do.

On the other hand, you could have had your vendor come through, and as you open the packages to inspect the product(s), you notice a mistake! *gasp* What you received is not what you approved. Now what?

You can’t just throw your hands up in the air, however you can totally cry in a corner for. a hot second. But then you do what you do best – find a solution.

We speak from experience.

We had a client that had a huge event this Spring, and was looking for a printed neck wallet, but with a 4″ x 4″ . Huzzah, MyBadges to the rescue! Artwork is submitted, mockup’s are approved, proofs are approved – life is good!  So we’re a couple of weeks out from the event and the client receives her packages only to find out they came in with the 4″ x 3″ pocket. Did I mention that there were over 4,000 of them?

With a little luck, and a great attitude from both us and the client, the new wallets were printed and shipped with a day to spare. There was no time to panic, but only a drive to find a solution as to not upset the sponsor, or her boss. There were zero complaints with the new wallets that arrived, and they were a hit at the conference. Music to our ears!

We get it, and we’ve got your back.

Whether something happened with another vendor, or with us, there’s no time to waste. Sponsorships and advertising are on the line, and so is your reputation. It’s our job to make you look amazing and cool as a cucumber! Our main goal throughout any interaction with any client, is to make sure that what you get is what you want. Nothing matters when a mistake has been made – the only thing that matters is the solution.

In an age where customer service seem to take a back seat in some companies, we find it more imperative than ever to focus on the relationship with the client, so they can still trust us to deliver. There’s a reason it’s our tagline!


Do you have a customer service rave or disaster you want to share? Let us know below!



Customer Service: The assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services. 


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