Alphabetical list of terms or words found in relation to a specific subject, with explanations.

Ever sat and wondered what something meant, or referred to? Yeah – we thought so (and so did we way back when). Below is a list of industry terminology to help you better understand just what in the heck we mean.

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Adobe Illustrator: A vector graphics editor part of the Adobe Creative Cloud software.


Badge Carrying Case: A cardboard case where you can insert your name badges, and safely transport to and from your event.

Badge Carrying Case: A cardboard case where you can insert your name badges, and safely transport to and from your event.

Badge Holder: Clear holders, designed to hold a name badge insert outlining an attendees name/information.

Badge Inserts: Cardstock insert, which goes inside of the badge holder, indicating the attendees information

Badge Reel: A case that contains a retractable cord, which can connect to a badge holder/employee ID. Also has a belt clip for attaching to clothing.

Badge Ribbons, Full Color: Stand out ribbon that calls attention to an attendee’s designation (ex: SPEAKER), printed as a full color digital print.

Badge Ribbons, Hot Stamp Stand: out ribbon that calls attention to an attendee’s designation (ex: VOLUNTEER), metallic hotstamp

Biodegradable Badge Holders: Badge holders that are made from a crystal clear biodegradable material, and biodegrade once put in a landfill.

Buckle Release Buckle: At the bottom of a lanyard, so you can detach the base of the lanyard from the lanyard itself. (Ex. Lanyard holds keys, keys can be detached)

Bulldog Clip: Is Also known as an alligator clip. A metal clip with long serrated jaws to attached to a badge holder



Digital Proof: An electronic layout of how your product will look.

Dye Sublimated Print: Digital printing technology using full color artwork, where unique sublimation dyes are transferred to sheets of transfer paper.


Event Badge: A full-color plastic badge, single or double-sided print with variable print available/QR codes etc.


Laminating Pouches: Used to laminate ID cards/business cards/luggage tags

Lanyard: Flat polyester material, or corded material, hung around the neck, attached to ID for conferences/events.

Lanyard Stand: A metal stand that is used to hold lanyards to refrain from them getting tangled.

Length Adjusting Slider: A round bead used on a lanyard to make lanyards shorter or longer, depending on the person using the lanyard.

Lobster Claw: Similar to a swivel hook, but heavier duty with a clasp for easy opening


Mail Merge: The addition of names from a database/spreadsheet into Microsoft word to print name badge inserts.


Neck Wallet/Neck Pouch: High-quality pouch that can show off a sponsor logo(s) on the pouch, while also identifying the attendee of the event. Can also include a pen loop, as well as a center zippered pocket for storage.


O-Ring: Also referred to as a split ring; same as what you see on a keychain

Outlined Text: A graphics term that means the text is no longer text. It is now a graphic and text cannot be altered. (You should always keep an editable, non-outlined version available in case any changes need to be made)

Overruns: Its an instance of production exceeding the original order amount.


Pantone Color: color space used in a variety of indstries for print and production.

Poly Dye Sublimated Lanyard: A high quality full color digital imprint on a polyester lanyard, but can only be printed on the front.

Purchase Order: A commercial document issued to a seller from a buyer/purchaser outlining agreed quantities and pricing.


Recycled Lanyards: Made from recycled pop bottles.

Restocking Fee: Happens when a product is returned, based on the condition in which the product(s) are returned. Usually, a percentage of the price paid.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA): An authorization sent from the seller to the purchaser, giving the authorization to return a product.


Safety Breakaway: Added to a lanyard to easily break apart if caught on someone/something.

Sample: Intended to show quality for a product you may purchase.

Setup Charge: The cost of setting up the printing plate for any custom products.

Silk Screened Print: A printing technique where mesh is used to transfer ink (one color at a time) onto the product surface. Similar to how a stencil is used.

Super Safe Lanyards: Designed for higher risk occupations – three different breakaway points to keep the lanyard from getting caught in or on something.

Swivel Hook: Nickel plated attachment for use with a lanyard, to attach a badge at the end.


Underruns: It’s an instance of production running a lower than expected amount.


Vector Graphics: Digital images created by mathematical equations that are translated into points which are connected by lines or curves. This allows graphics to be scaled to any size without losing image quality.