All In One ID Solution

Have you ever, as an event organizer, dreaded the hassle of ordering two separate products (at least), and then having to print and assemble everything yourself?

Have you ever been in attendance at a multi-day tradeshow/event, but didn’t want to carry a ton around with you?

Have you ever wondered if there is something better?

We present to you this months product spotlight — the MeetingPro Neck Wallets.

What makes the MeetingPro standout?

First, and foremost, the most important feature of the MeetingPro neck wallets, is that we keep a 4″ x 4″ front pocket option available for print, without extensive customization needed, and doesn’t take away too much from the overall imprint area on the front of the neck wallet. With 16 stock material colors to choose from, and the ability to choose any imprint color (just give us your coated Pantone color(s) and we’ll match at no additional charge). There is a large enough print area on the front to showcase both your event logo and your sponsors’ logo as the neck wallet is a prime opportunity for a sponsor 🙂 Don’t forget about printing on the lanyard with a tagline, or website address. Logos can be a bit too detailed to print on the lanyard, but we’d be happy to take a look and discuss ways to make something work. Typically, the standard is to print solid colors, but there is an opportunity for the four-color print digital process on both the neck wallet and the lanyard – chat with us so we can help you determine which process will work best, based on your logo(s).

There is a clear 4″ x 6″ pocket in the back which is perfect for putting a printed agenda throughout the entire event. That way, an attendee always has access to the schedule, if their phone happens to die before they charge and they can’t access the event app. There is also a zippered pocket in the middle which is insanely handy for hotel key cards, business cards, cell phone, credit cards – you name it. Fun fact – these can all also fit in the clear back pocket if you’re not using a printed agenda or other printed materials there 🙂



But wait, there’s more!

Did anyone else just totally read that in an old school late night infomercial voice?

Because of the durability and functionality of the neck wallet when it comes to keeping all your ID and miscellaneous stuff together during the event, these are the perfect product to reuse for travel. The zippered pocket fits your passport (based on American and Canadian passports). Easy to carry and keep close to you, the neck wallets are a fantastic alternative to keeping your passport tucked in your purse/briefcase pocket, or worse, cramming into your wallet, and hoping your passport doesn’t bend!

Hate leaving your passport in the room, when traveling internationally for an event? Keep with you through the whole conference.

Not only are the durable, customizable, and easy to wear, they’re also the perfect travel accompaniment, which in this industry, is a huge positive. Pitching these to a potential sponsor? Think of the brand management/awareness your attendees will have after the event – these aren’t just an event/tradeshow product after all.

MeetingPro Neck Wallet