Making the best out of your products.


Reduce — Reuse — Recycle

We were all taught that in grade school we should reduce, reuse and recycle. Use this practice when it comes to your conference / event ID solutions. While you only need them for your event, think of the post event uses to keep your brand in front of your attendees. We all want attendees to remember your event and want to come back. Giving them products that are stylish and that they can reuse is one of the best ways possible.

Neck Wallet Hacks

You have selected the neck wallets for your multi-day event. Not only can attendees keep their agenda, hotel keycard, dinner/drink tickets, and business cards in the neck wallet, they can also:

  • Hold your cell phone (definitely holds the iPhone 8 and similar size, quite easily)
  • Identification such as drivers license
  • Passport both during and after the event.
  • Flight or train passes
  • Throw in your RFID card holder to keep your payment methods close, and away from pick pocketers.

Lanyard hacks

Aside from the obvious …here are some other ways that lanyards can be used.

  • Keychain
  • Keycard fob holder (work building access, condo access etc.)
  • Throw your store cards on the lanyard so you can easily keep all in one place that isn’t your wallet.
  • Hiking or camping – use this to attach a bear whistle, bottle opener, compass, mini flashlight, etc.
  • Coaching kids in soccer, baseball etc.? Attach a whistle et voila!
So many additional uses, so make sure to encourage your attendees to contemplate using the lanyards post event, to help reduce the impact on the environment. Designing a stylish lanyard will definitely help your appeal for long term use.
What other ways have you used lanyards, post event? We’d love to know!