The Not To Do List?

We all focus so much time on our TO DO list, but what about focusing on a NOT TO DO LIST? With the endless multitasking everyone is partaking in these days, perhaps we have a bit too much on our to do list. Surely there must be items you can shift to others that would be more efficient, or items that you could automate? We all love to delegate – can you delegate some items? Let’s dive a little deeper into what we can shift to make ourselves more efficient.

We love to delegate.

Have lots to do makes us feel special and important. Delegating seems to be some sort of powerful influence we have over others. But let’s focus on the practical side, not the how it makes us feel side. Delegating items or projects to colleagues better suited for the task makes the whole part of the project seem more efficient. Not only have you eliminated something and can focus on something else, someone may get what was delegated done quicker, and make them feel good about being able to help those that are busy. We all have different talents, so take advantage of that and help increase your overall ROI. Plus, we all like to have spare time for our families every once in a while …right?

Time Is Money.

If time is money, shouldn’t we be more focused on trying to get things done/accomplished, so that we have more time, and the company is making more money? Be honest with yourself when looking at your list. Surely there are things on there that you could use help with. You don’t want to waste your own time. Don’t distract yourself with the meaningless stuff you know you have others to help you handle. If your time is better suited to something else, attract the help of others. It may seem little and insignificant to you, but we all have colleagues willing to learn how to do new things. Growth for them, and for the company – sounds like a win win to me.

To not do …seriously.

Do whatever you can to alleviate your workload, and use the strengths and talents of those on your team. Everyone was brought on for a reason and is it really worth the crazy burnout to add things to your list and constantly feel overwhelmed. Life is too short to have an endless to-do list. If you have the means for help, use it! The #eventprof industry is crazy enough as it is, why add to the craziness unnecessarily?