BAM! Holidays are here – ready or not. 

*sigh* Already?! Pretty certain it was just summertime …

Denial only works for so long. So, now that we’re past US Thanksgiving, that’s the start of the holiday season! A season full of family, eating, drinking, endless parties to attend, and the dreaded Christmas shopping. Oh, and the start of winter *cough* snow *cough*

The work holiday party.

  • Attend. If you have no prior engagements, you should always make an effort to attend your work holiday party.
  • Engage with others. By showing up to your holiday party for work, you get the chance to mingle with those you may not get to interact with on a day to day basis. It’s a great way to network with those in your own company, and building relationships can give you the upper hand at a later date. You just never know.
  • Dress appropriately. Every company will have a guideline for the attire of the party. Make sure you’re within the realm of what is required, because if it’s formal and you show up in slacks and a sweater, it’s not going to look good. And keep it classy – this is a work event after all 🙂
  • It’s ok to drink, but give yourself a max. People always remember those that had a little too much and made an impression …not a good one. Know your limit, stick to it, and have a great time mingling. Bonus? No hangover.

Staying healthy amongst the chaos.

  • Water, water, water. Amongst all of the sweets and drinks, keep up your water intake. Plus, water will help keep your skin look fresh, especially as we head into the drier, cold months.
  • Try and keep a routine …where possible. Even though we feel like the holidays are over in a flash, it’s important to stay on track as much as possible. Keep up with work, but don’t stress as most of us use December as a semi-working, semi-not working month.
  • Sleeeeeeeeeep. Totally not overrated, especially if you don’t want to be sick over the holidays. December brings out a lot of gatherings, so keeping up on the sleep will help your body recharge. Plus, sleep now because conference season is coming 😉
  • Exercise just to keep yourself afloat during December. Exercise gives you some time to yourself. And you don’t have to go run 5 miles or anything, just keep your body moving. Gives you a reprieve from the snacks!
  • Feeling rundown? Say no to something, so you can let your body rest.

As event professionals, a lot of this goes without saying, but this is the time of year where you can put yourself first. You spend your careers making sure everyone else is taken care of, so while these tips are handy during the holidays, perhaps a few could be used in 2019 … 🙂

What are some tips and tricks you find helpful on surviving the holidays?