Tote bags; aren’t they overdone?

No! Tote bags are amazing to have on hand, so long as they’re not cheaply made and fall apart when you use them 🙂

Attendees will always use a tote bag at events to carry products and information around that they receive from exhibitors. Give them something they don’t expect, and go with a tote bag that’s unique. Maybe something they’ve never seen before.

If you were at GoWest in Edmonton, AB last month, you would have seen us showcase our new paper tote bags. They look and feel like leather, are incredibly sturdy, easy to carry, and – wait for it – washable. Yes, I said washable. Say what?!


Tote Bag Uses:

Attendee’s use at the event to collect product/information from exhibitors.

Groceries – while I remember to bring with me 95% of the time, I still sometimes run out of the ones I keep in the car when I forget to take out of the closet at home. Super handy to use so I am not relying on plastic bags that break, and some grocery stores will offer a discount or donation when you bring your own bag. #winning

Shopping – sometimes heading to the mall and winding up with multiple bags, some of which are plastic and some of which are paper, and nothing is ever the same size, it can be difficult to keep a handle on all your shopping bags. Enter tote bag – throw everything into your bag(s) and save the planet just a little, by using your own bag and not a stores bag.

Camping – while it seems like summer is so, so, SO far away, tote bags are handy when it comes to camping. Depending on the size of the bag, you can use to haul some firewood to your campsite or you can use it to put ice in either from the campground or the gas station/grocery store, so no water/condensation leaks on you or your car. Use this as a catch all for your recycling/garbage to easily remove from your campsite.

Tote Bag Swag

While it may seem that tote bags are overdone, I believe that’s because sometimes we cut corners and find a tote bag that is insanely cheap, and think “that’ll do for the event”. There’s so much more to picking a tote bag for your event; we believe your tote bag should match the feel of your conference/event. You want people to have that positive connotation with both you and your conference/event. Give something with a little bit of uniqueness to it, or even just a different size, with a little more quality, your attendees are bound to keep their bag, and use throughout the year. And you know what that means? Your conference/event is right there in front of them, every single time they use the bag.

Branded marketing at it’s finest, wouldn’t you agree? 

We’re more than happy to help you find the perfect bag to suit your conference/event and budget 🙂