What is Dye Sublimation?

Dye sublimation is a heat transfer process in which the design is printed on a paper that is then pressed to the fabric via high heat and pressed for certain period of time. This ensures the transfer of the design from the paper to the polyester material. And huzzah, you have your dye sublimated lanyard!

Why should I go the dye-sublimated route? Are they really worth it? 

When looking at your lanyard options, we offer you silk screen print and dye sublimated print. As you know, you can get silk screen lanyards you can get a nice crisp print, so why go dye-sumblimated? Because dye-sublimated lanyards are done via a heat transfer from the paper pressed into the polyester material, you are able to print bright and vivid colours, multiple colours, gradients, and specific PMS colours to match your logo / sponsor(s) logo(s).

By investing in dye sublimated lanyards, you are removing the limitations of the silk screen print process, especially when multiple colours/gradients can be involved. Take your branding to the next level with something that stands out and people want to keep.


  • Functional
  • Creative branding
  • Brilliant print quality
  • Can be done with a single clip or a double ended clip
  • Budget friendly as your cost is inclusive of the colours printed

We have a tendency to definitely watch our budgets as it comes time to purchase our ID supplies – I mean after all, the event doesn’t revolve around your ID solutions and other conference essentials – and if you’re getting a last minute sponsor, coming up with a solution can sometime seem too daunting so you choose something simpler to print. But what if you knew that the lead time and proofing time was the same for dye sublimated as it is for the silk screen? If you have more than two colours or want to print on both sides, dye sublimated print could very well be your most cost effective option. 

Speaking of branding . . .

When you choose to utilize the full colour sublimated print, you are maximizing your branding and/or the branding of your sponsor(s). Happy sponsor equals a happy event planner, am I right? Attendees love to be able to reuse/re purpose products that they receive from conferences (I do for sure!) so give your attendees something stand out to remind them of your amazing event, and why they should remember to sign up next time. 

Of course you have to have something to attach the event/conference ID to the customer, and you have all these different choices. Your lanyards for your conference/event are one of the best branding opportunities you have right in front of you …literally. 

A product that’s both functional and fashionable — what more could you ask for? Talk to us about how we can help you create the perfect dye sublimated lanyards, without breaking the bank. 


Fun Fact: Why is a lanyard called a lanyard?

“The word lanyard comes from the French word “laniere” which means strap or thong” (Source: The history of Lanyards) The lanyard is the key to holding your event ID badge, and while lanyards originally started out as simple ropes and cords, they’ve evolved into the wondrous branded creature we’ve come to know and love.

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