Another water or coffee tumbler? *yawn*

Don’t do what everyone else is doing; give yourself an edge! While water and coffee/tea tumblers are always something that’ll get used, especially as we move into the more eco-friendly way of life when it comes to unnecessary consumables (I am looking at you pile of Starbucks cups in the recycling!). Give your attendees, speakers, VIPS, volunteers, whomever, something that grabs their attention.

Step aside plain water; let’s get flavorful!

Give your attendees something to use to add some life to their necessary daily water consumption — introducing the Ice Ball Flavourit Water Bottle which includes a fruit ice ball to add an infusion of flavor!

Place your preferred fruit/herb in the ice ball infuser, add water, freeze the ice ball and once ready, add to the water bottle and enjoy a burst of flavor. Plus, when this holds 20 fluid ounces, it’ll help us all reach our darned water consumption for the day, and far more delicious!

Simple craftsmanship, amazing wow factor

Trying to keep your giveaway understated, but still have the wow factor?? Appealing to all our favourite hipsters, perhaps? Enter the ever chic Wide Mouth Mason Jar with Leather Handled Sleeve. Combining the craftsmanship of the leather detail, enclosing the mason jar, to give that understated hipster look.

Rare finds give your attendees the wow factor, and they’re proud to use something they know isn’t crazy popular. Win-win!

Is this actually a water bottle? 

Talk about a head turning product! These Riverblock Water Flasks (yes, water flasks) are the perfect size for slipping into a purse/laptop bag/backpack/briefcase with its slim features and holds an incredible 17 fluid ounces (500ml).

Imagine the fun you could have walking around somewhere and taking a swig out of your water bottle, that just happens to look like a flask.

Such a fun product, and a worthwhile giveaway for brand awareness.


You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your giveaways. Reusable products are something that can always be used, but the key is definitely to make yours stand out. Giveaway something unique, create a buzz, and build off of that for the next year.

You have lots to do, so why stress about what kind of giveaway you should be giving? Stuck for ideas? Reach out and chat with us about your event and which products available. We can help you pair together your conference ID and your conference essentials (swag) to give yourself an edge.


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