Hotstamp Ribbons

Ribbons – we were first introduced to them as children, when we won awards for things such as sports days and contests, hanging them proudly in our rooms to show our accomplishments. Now we’re adults, and while they may not be for placing in the top 3 of a track race, they’re a designation to show other attendees who you are. Whether you’re a speaker, a VIP, a first timer, or you have a trail of ribbons, they’re a great way to get people talking.

Let’s take someone attending their very first event and they have a ribbon that says “FIRST TIMER”. If you see someone with this type of ribbon, you are likely to be inclined to warmly introduce yourself and start a conversation on how they came to wind up at this particular conference and what they’re hoping to gain. You can share experiences, and the experience can snowball from there. By having a ribbon, it’s an invitation to start a conversation, and when we start conversations, attendees are more likely to have an overall positive experience and want to come back and/or refer people to attend your next event, which is the goal isn’t it?

Full Colour Ribbons

There are times where you have an event, but you’re using a clear premium badge holder, and may not necessarily want to print the logo on the insert. Help your logo stand out, by printing a full colour ribbon. These may or may not have designations on them, but they’re definitely a pop of colour for your name tags.

These style of ribbons can also be good if you’re needing to print something completely custom. Could be a custom title, or you could be needing a particular font for company branding purposes. In any case, if you want to customize your ribbon or step outside of the box, these are your best bang for your dollar.

Fun Ribbons

Picture it – you walk up to the registration desk to get your attendee badge, and you see these ribbons that maybe make you smile, snicker, or even full out laugh. You have a fun time choosing out a ribbon or 2 or …(we’re not judging – load ‘er up) and possibly even bonding with others at the registration area over these funny titles.

You pick out your ribbon(s) and head on in – you see others with funny titles, and you find that they can be a great ice breaker for starting conversations with others. You talk about why you chose what you did and why they chose what they did, and bam! New friendships are formed. Amazing!

Currently our fun ribbons are on request only so please reach out to us directly if you’re interested.