Technology Timeout

We are surrounded and spend each day immersed in technology. The advancements in technology have been incredible, and lead us to put on some amazing events! However, sometimes you just need to jot something down, write down a plan of action, plan schedules, and so much more. Sometimes your brain just wants a break. Sometimes people find it easier to write something down to embed the required information in their heads.

Sometimes we just crave the old school way of pen to paper; just not when it comes to reports, multi-day schedules, or crazy details that are better put in a digital calendar/excel spreadsheet etc.

Technology is great, but so is pen and paper.

Turning Basic into Bracing Branding

When you know people still love putting pen to paper, use this is a way to come up with some bracing (defined as: fresh and invigorating) branding opportunities. Your brand? Part of a sponsorship package? A lil bit of both?

Pens are a great way to get your brand out to attendees – when done correctly. Don’t go for the cheapest option, but you also don’t have to go crazy expensive. When we show up to any event, we make sure to have our favourite pens with us, because if not, people are sad, and we don’t want to see people sad …or mad; just happy!

I for one have our Javalina pens everywhere, and you should always have a pen handy, just in case!

The other piece to this brilliant puzzle, is the notepad. Make your event stand out by offering a note pad that isn’t your stereotypical leather book. Look for something with a bit of personality and flair, but all while being sturdy without being too heavy, easy to carry and is compact enough that attendees can tuck into a purse or a laptop bag during the event, and after the event.

Giving your attendees something they’ll use post event gives you an amazing branding opportunity. Take it and run! 

Ashley’s Top Notebook Pick

OK, you guys are going to think I’m crazy, but hear me out. If I could have anything I would hands down take the Moleskine Smart Writing Set Ellipse. Yes you guys, this is in fact a notebook that comes with a smart pen so you can write down your notes, which can be uploaded digitally. Whaaaat?!

You can even digitally organize your notes with tags. There is an app required, but we’re all used to that now, right? You can write offline and connect at a later time to digitize your notes/drawings. On that note, if you are drawing or sketching, you can export your drawing into a scalable format (.svg / .png / .jpg) to be reproduced. I can sketch quite the stick family, so obvioussssssly I would benefit from this immensely!

Worried about space? No worries there! The pen can store up to 1,000 pages (or 5 notebooks!) without being connected to smart devices. Worried about detail translation? The smart pen tip is sensitive so translating detail from physical to digital is a easy peasy and looks identical to what is on the page.

Kane’s Top Notebook Pick

The All In One Eco Jotter w/Pen is a great way to get that notebook and pen as an all in one combo! I’ve chosen this as my top pick because I’ve nick named this the “This Ain’t My First Rodeo” notebook/pen bundle! This is the notebook that helps you show up prepared to jot notes, even if your phone dies or is close to dying. #noexcuses

I say, always come prepared complete with a fancy pen for all jotting needs, a zippered compartment which is obviously good for snacks (just in case you need a snack in between your venue snacks) and a ruler!

Note paper is included and contains 65-75% recycled paper, post-consumer percentage is 20-30%, and sticky notes and sticky note flags are included too! Heck yes for the perfect type A that loves to have a beyond organized and coded notebook (yes Ash, I’m looking at you)!

Taking notes and kicking climate-change right in the ass, one page a time! (bright ideas and clever epiphanies are not included)

John’s Top Notebook Pick

With all the talk lately about the environment and overall climate concerns, I’ve been doing more and focusing more on the “Going Green” movement to help do my part. Living in Canada, where plastic straws are being banned, and so are plastic bags, focusing on products that are more green.

I’ve seen a shift within the industry where there are more discussions and inquiries into environmentally friendly products, whether that be bags, badges, lanyards, etc..

My pick for notebooks would be our Recycled Material Notebook w/Green – a notebook made out of recycled material. With both a ribbon bookmark on the inside and the elastic band on the outside to keep the book closed, it’s a great way to keep everything tucked away neatly, enclosed in recycled material.


Matt’s Top Notebook Pick

As environmental care has come more into the forefront of the conversation lately, I’ve been trying to become more aware and recycle as much as possible, and use products that are recyclable or have been made with recycled materials.

Our Recycled Cardboard Notepad is spiral bound and the cover consists of 80% recycled cardboard and coloured linen. The notebook has 100 sheets, so plenty of room for jotting down information, and a pen loop to keep a pen with the notebook at all times. You can include your own pen, but you’d just need to talk to us about the details – I have the popular MyBadges Javalina pens on me at all times!

Is it a Vancouver thing?

Holy with the recycled notebooks – you’d think we’re living up to our hipster environmentally aware stereotypes, hey?!

There is a lot of waste that can come from products that we consume on a daily basis, so why not purchase something that is made from recycled material, helping to alleviate additional materials in our landfills, and who knows, perhaps more product development will come from the recycled materials craze.

Environmental sustainability is becoming a hot topic, especially in the events industry. Need some inspiration? Sustainable badges and lanyards are always available, and a wide variety of promo products with recycled sustainability in mind as well, as you’ve seen with the majority of our staff picks 🙂