Twisted lanyards are a faux pas

Look at us go – 2 months in a row!

A twisted lanyard, turning our name badges around (and around, and around, and around) drive attendees and event organizers crazy. A lanyard twists, and there is less visibility of your event and / or sponsorship branding. There has to be a better way – and there is, obviously.

No twist, double ended, double clips – it’s all the rage.

When you have the option of customizing your lanyards, to exactly the way you want it, while maximizing branding space on your lanyard, you have a choice – go the standard single clip route, or kick it up a notch and go no twist style (or double ended style of lanyards). When you use a double ended clip, with any style of our badge holders, or EventBadges, you keep your name badge facing forward and keep your branding in the forefront.

Single Clip Lanyard

Double Ended Clip Lanyard

No twist lanyards, with a twist

Confused? Perplexed? Think i’m pulling your leg? I’m not, I promise!

When you use the double ended lanyard, you can kick your no twist lanyards into a high gear. Pair your lanyards with our non-swivel bulldog clip (pictured: left) which is very quickly becoming the new industry favourite. If you look at the difference, you’ll see the standard bulldog clip (referred to as the swivel bulldog clip), has the clip attached to a metal piece.

Now, if you’ve ever been in a theatre/auditorium and hear a jingling noise,  you’ve found your culprit. Switch to the non-swivel bulldog clip, and you’ll see that there are no moving pieces, which means you get silence – from the lanyards at least – during a session at your next event.

A few last notes

We will always suggest to you, when printing double ended lanyards, to print on both sides. There is a method to our madness, we promise. Whether your registration desk volunteers are putting the lanyards onto a badge, or your attendees are attaching to their badge, you want to make sure that your lanyards are showcasing their branding properly – no point in branding if you can’t see it!