Sustainable + Eco are becoming front and centre

In Canada, we are seeing a hugeeee trend towards eco and sustainability when it comes to events. We know that with events and conferences, there can be a lot of waste, as so many things need to be disposed of. While we have offered bio-degradable badge holders and recycled/bamboo/cotton lanyards for a while now, we knew we’d need to ensure we are upping our game.

Earlier this year, as we working on product design and availability, we came across a product that takes eco and sustainability to a whole new level. With a push for sustainable products in Canada, we knew the best place to showcase this product – the CSAE National Conference which was held in Vancouver, BC at the end of October. 

Drumroll puhleeeeeezeeee! 

Introducing to you, our ecoBadge. This badge is completely compostable; there is no throwing away when you’re using these. These badges are embedded with wildflower seeds, which makes these badges plantable …or compostable if you’re not one with a green thumb *cough Ashley cough*.

You have the option to produce these with or without variable data; single sided or double sided. The print process can be very delicate, so we do suggest that all name printing is done by us, unless you’re using with a two pocket badge holders (CSAE used our 628 2 Pocket Biodegradable badges) so that you can still print name tags direct from your registration system.

What are the advantages of these?

Give yourself, and your attendees, something to feel good about. We are constantly bombarded at conferences and events with all sorts of giveaways, that many people consider throwaways, and are tiring of. More on that in a totally separate post 🙂

These ecoBadges are not only a talking point, but also instagrammable (obviously), and leave your attendees with a positive image of your event, because you took sustainability seriously. We’re all guilty of talking eco and sustainability, but with the constant rising costs of putting on conferences and events, eco has tended to take a back seat to cost effective.

With that being said, as we shift towards eco and sustainable events, we need to have a framework in place, to help ensure eco products aren’t pushing you over your budget threshold. Sustainability is becoming the centre of discussions amongst many event planners and organizers, and we are totally on board with that.

Grow your positive eco-presence with our plantable ecoBadges.

They pair best with our bamboo lanyards, available with a single clip, or double-ended clips.