We get that life is different.

Life right now is nothing short of crazy.Right now, is usually the busiest time of the year for this industry. While our lives have been turned upside down and around, we’re taking what the world has dealt us, and refining our website (this is not a drill – the new website is live!) and working on all of our product content, and catching up on this blog, which has been insanely neglected, obv.

The timing was off, but we did start 2020 by creating new products for your conferences and events. So, while the world is on hold, we thought we’d introduce them anyway, and then once you’re back to creating events and experiences, you’ll already know what’s out there.

On that note, let’s take a break from the chaos of the world.

Change is good, so they say.

We’ve always heard that change is good; change is the future; we can’t evolve if we don’t change; be the change. So we’re changing up our product line to add some exciting new products. Products that we think will help us make you look sooooo good! Events are coming back …that face2face value is oh so prominent right now!

Eco this, Eco that; Green this, Green that!

I’d say that the buzzword in 2019, in Canada for sure, was green. Especially in the 2nd half of 2019, green, green, green, everywhere! There has been a lot of chatter at events, about what kind of footprint our industry has, especially when it comes to waste. So, while we cannot speak for the rest of the industry, we can definitely talk about our part in the industry, and how we can help you make small changes to lower your event footprint, over time.

We have four brand new products we’ve added to our product line up and we think that you – and your attendees – will love them.

Card Stock Badges

Need to step up from a printed card inside of a vinyl pouch but don’t want plastic? Whether you’re looking to lessen your waste footprint, or you just want a change of pace, and you have a single day conference going on, the card stock eventbadges are definitely a good way to go.

They are made of an 18 point card stock which can have either a single slot or double slot – to be used with a single clip lanyard or double ended clip lanyard – and you have the option to print on either the front only or the front and the back. If you print on uncoated card stock, you have the ability to recycle the badge after your event.

These are great for one day events, and they can be done in any size. We currently offer the 4″ x 6″ option, but you can always contact us for a different size, and we’ll get a custom quote put together for you.

Recycled Card Stock Eventbadges

We have been working behind the scenes to come up with more eco-friendly options for your conferences and events. Especially in Canada, we are hearing a lot about making events more sustainable. We want to be a part of helping you achieve your greening goals at your conferences and events.

When we hear recycled, we immediately check off the green box! You know what you’re getting when you say recycled, for the most part, and when you’re looking for something for a one day conference, possibly two, you’re sold! They are made of 100% post consumer recycled card stock and can be recycled after your event. They are printable on the front and the back, and we’ll print your attendee names directly on the badge and ship to you ready to be handed out at registration.

While not great for multi-day events, unless you pair with a biodegradable badge holder, they’re perfect for your single day events!

We currently offer the 4″ x 6″ option, but you can always contact us for a different size, and we’ll get a custom quote put together for you.

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Lime Stone eco EventBadge

This is probably my favourite product we’ve launched, ever. OK, before you think “there’s no way I am putting stone around my neck!”, hear me out.

This style of badge is eco-friendly to produce. These are made with lime stone and a trace amount of resin to bond. That’s it!  These are produced with zero water and no trees; they hold characteristics of paper, but the durability of plastic and are stable regardless of changes in temperature and/or humidity. This style of badge is perfect for multi-day events (such as GO WEST – find out more about that event here) and are resistant to water spills due to their plastic like durability.

There were so many compliments about these badges when we were at GO WEST, and also a lot of amazement, that this style of badge exists. They’re manufactured in the USA, but they are cut and produced here in Vancouver, BC.

We currently offer the 4″ x 6″ option, but you can always contact us for a different size, and we’ll get a custom quote put together for you.

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Seeded Badge Holders

Seeded whaaaaaaat?

Last but not least, is the seeded badge holder. So these can be used without a badge holder, if you’re hosting a multi day event, you may want to secure these with a biodegradable badge holder, just to keep the badge in tact for the entire event.

These badges have wildflower seeds embedded in the paper, which are printed on by our factory, as the print process for these badges is fairly delicate. Because of the soft paper fibers, we cannot print full or heavy ink coverage. This doesn’t mean we can’t print full colour logos or information, but the overall ink coverage should be 50% at maximum. If you are ever concerned about your print mock-up, you can send to your sales rep for confirmation of print.

Our factory is certified and authorized the USDA and other agricultural departments, globally, meaning that the seeds are able to be taken home with attendees outside of North America (but may require paperwork). The USDA tests and inspects both the seeds and the paper to ensure the highest quality. The sheets are packed with seeds and these particular styles have a high germination rate.

To plant: soak in water, plant under a thin layer of soil and if you have a green thumb, watch them bloom. If you have a black thumb, hope for the best 🙂