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maskminder face mask lanyards

The Accessory you never knew you needed!

maskminder – face mask lanyards with or without logo imprint

  • Keep masks handy. Avoid contaminated surfaces.
  • Lessening the risk of losing or placing your mask on a dirty surface.
  • Great for Students, Teachers, Medical Staff and More
  • Easy to put their mask on or take off without misplacing it while at school, a doctor’s office or any public location.
  • Keeps Your Face Mask Clean and Close when Not in Use
mask minder face mask lanyard no twist

perfect fit

  • Hands-free and convenient.
  • Always have your face mask handy and available to use.
  • Avoid having to reach or dig into your pocket or bag.
  • Don’t lose, misplace, or forget your facemask.

custom logo

  • Great for when you take a break during work, or eating or drinking.
  • Keeps you from accidentally setting your facemask down on an unsanitary surface.
  • Perfect for children to use in school from accidentally using other’s mask!

helps avoid contamination

  • You can tie knot behind your neck for the perfect length. One size fits all!. (A-52C only)
  • Easily unclip and attach your clean masks.

from $0.70

logo imprint or blank

  • Keeps your mask safe and handy while driving, eating or working!

  • Note: this item is lanyard only and does not include a mask.

  • Easily clip your mask to the lanyard for quick access and avoid reaching or digging in your pocket or bag.

  • This is ideal for essential workers, students and anyone who needs to frequently remove and replace their mask.

  • Customize with your school or business name or logo, event information or company slogan.

  • Don’t risk misplacing or forgetting your face mask again.

  • MaskMinders, your new favorite everyday accessory.

  • In addition to keeping you from continually losing your favorite masks, and helping reduce unnecessary mask and face touching