Staying Healthy is Paramount

Which is why we thought that the perfect March product feature would be focusing on sanitizer and first aid kits. Typically, these have been thought of as giveaways at health conferences, but you can use products such as these for different types of conferences and events. In light of the recent health crisis that is crippling certain parts of the World, you can use this as a way to spread a little health and wellness.

Give your attendees a hand sanitizer upon arrival / check in of your conference. Whether you do this, or you offer this as a sponsorship branding opportunity, receiving something that helps the attendee, leaves them feeling good about you caring and do what you can to help them maximize their health, especially these days. I would suggest doing this in addition to putting hand sanitizing stations throughout your event; something that they can keep on them for on the go.

Step outside the box with the type of sanitizer – no need to go with your stereotypical bottle that is Purell style. Rather, go for something a little more stylish. Better yet, if you go for a spray version, your attendees can use this to wipe down tray tables on the plane on the way home, because how many germs do you think are crawling on those tables? Gross.

Cute designs, great branding opportunity, and this gives your attendee a positive impression that their overall health at your event is a high priority. Plus, no one likes useless giveaways so giving them something useful leaves them feeling good about your consciousness about waste at your event. You can read more about event sustainability here