Industry standard, schmandard!

Biggest complaint on what we consider the industry standard single clip lanyard?

The flipping! Oh my gawwwwwd, the flipping! Can’t the badge just stay facing forward, for the love of!

The noise! How can one product make so much noise?

Our double ended / no-twist lanyards are becoming the ever more popular choice when it comes to having lanyards, whether branded or not, to attach to your name badge holder or EventBadge. By having the clip on either side of the badge holder,  this eliminates the spin that is caused by having the single attachment in the middle of the badge holder/eventbadge. The whole point in having a name badge is to show the attendees name / sponsorship – zero value in having the badge flipped around so you can’t see! These were a hit with the GoWest Conference (recap on day one here and day two here) in Edmonton, AB earlier this year. They used the full colour economy lanyards with our EventBadges and both products were a hit with eventprofs.

People get up and move during conferences and events – it’s a fact and nothing will change that. Say your keynote speaker is up, giving an intense speech, and someone or multiple people, get up or shift, or lean over to grab a pen or something, and all you can hear is the jingling of said person(s) lanyard/badge. When you order the double ended/no twist lanyards, you can attach our non swivel bulldog clip attachments, and that eliminate the jingle jangle.

Two birds, one stone. You’re welcome.

Worried they won’t work with your style of badge holder?

We made sure that all of our badge holders and EventBadges can be used with the double ended / no twist lanyards. Every single one of our badge holders with no attachments, come with three slots across the top so you can use any style of lanyard (single or double ended).

We offer a non-printed in stock option (swivel J hook or the bulldog clip), as well customized options. Available in any style of our lanyards, including full colour dye sublimated print, silk screened print, and poly dye sublimated print. Also available with the speciality bamboo and recycled lanyards. We want this to become your go to, so you can eliminate the frustration of never being able to see someone’s name tag. These put you in control, not the lanyard!

Have you used these types of lanyards already? Show us your love for the product by commenting below. The world should know how awesome the no twist style of lanyards really are.

PS: No birds were actually hurt in the making of this blog post.