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Cork Promotional Items #SustainableSwag

Plastic Free Cork Products for Conferences & Events



Putting on an eco-friendly event is much easier than you think, and with so many promo choices available, delegates can still get the same swag buzz they know and love! 

As part of our #EarthDay eco conscious conference series – we are looking at the top 12 earth friendly materials for promotional items to help you find the right swag for your conference or event. To make the list, items must be made with earth friendly, sustainable, recycled, recyclable or biodegradable materials. 

Eco Friendly does not have to cost the earth so why not make 2021 the year we make can make a difference.

cork: 100% Natural

#5 cork

Number 5 in our top 12 Eco friendly materials for conference items – is an unexpected star of the show. Cork!

Cork is incredibly versatile and a totally natural material

  • Natural
  • Sustainable
  • Renewable
  • Strong
  • Versatile

Cork is definitely plastic free and a great lightweight alternative for conference swag

cork: 100% sustainable

Cork is one of the most environmentally friendly materials out there. Made from the bark of oak trees – which are not cut down – simply stripped of bark which re-grows.

This is a skilled trade so not only does cork harvesting provide employment, the trees also absorb the harmful CO2 from the atmosphere.

Eco friendly, sustainable, naturally odor and water repellant. Cork is great for insulation, instruments, fishing, coasters and event promotion!

cork SWAG

Cork Corporate gifts are big business, and beautiful with it.

Cork Coasters, Cheese Boards and Mugs are well known but what about stylish bags, Notebooks and more

Easily branded with your logo or sponsor information why not call us on 1 800-665-3775  to discuss your sustainable swag needs!


Here are just some of the promotional products you can choose from. All made with cork and perfect for corporate gifts, conference swag or every day use in the office.

Brand with your logo or sponsor information why not call us on 1 800-665-3775  to discuss your sustainable swag needs!

  • Cheese Board Gift Set. Unusual and highly desireable
  • Notebooks. Sustainable notebooks with a Cork cover – smart eco friendly and water repellant
  • Tumblers. Insulated drinkware is the new black!
  • Cork Totes. Yes really! Lightweight and unique
  • Cork Mugs. With their own in built coaster
  • Drawstring Bags. Cork and Cotton make the perfect washable bag
  • Shoppers.  Amazing stylish cork shoppers look like they came straight from the fashion mall

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