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Promotional Items needn't cost the earth! Our guide for how to avoid plastics at your conference or event

We all know by now that plastics are not the most environmentally friendly and even though we still see plastics everywhere we look – many companies have taken steps to create plastic free alternative to your usual conference swag.

Non plastic does not have to mean you miss out on your usual conference and trade show tote bag swag- there are plenty of ecologically friendly alternatives that can help reduce your conference carbon footprint simply by using sustainable materials.


where’s the plastic at conferences?

Plastic at conferences is everywhere. We find it in our badges and badge holders, in our lanyards, in our promotional items such as pens, notebooks, stickers, even the tradeshow stands are made up of a LOT of plastics. If that’s not enough, we we also find it wrapped around the things we use before during and after the conference – that promo notebook did not wrap itself!

Lunch may consist of wrapped sandwiches, serviettes, plastic cutlery and plastic cups for water – most likely out of plastic water bottles… not to mention the coffee creamer and sugar in that all important mid morning coffee break! Phew – that’s a LOT of plastic in one place! 

  • Packaging. Most new items come in their own packaging – so even with the best of intentions we may still be bringing in plastic
  • Synthetic Materials. Backdrops, table cloths, banners, giveaways – if not plastic then probably a plastic derivative
  • Drinks Cans. Often lined with a plastic coating
  • Glue. from sticky tape to stick it notes, glue contains plastic
  • Coffee Cups. Single use cups, lids, straws and more – one of the worst offenders
  • Tech. Cables, chargers, carry cases, plastic plastic plastic
  • Bottles. Water bottles, pop bottles, cartons – likely a high percentage of plastic!
  • ID Cards. That’s right – printed on plastic!
  • Straws. Single use items – however plastic straws are now often outlawed at events
  • Balloons. Event stands + balloons = plastic
  • Pens. Chances are your old faithful swag pen is printable plastic

Recycled vs Recyclable

If plastic free wasn’t confusing enough, there are other things to consider. Biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, recycled, sustainable, partially-bio.. do any products fit the exact specification or are they simply better than the alternative? Let’s take a look!

what are the plastic free alternatives?


Bamboo is a green material. It is an evergreen grass that is becoming recognized as a viable, sustainable and engineered alternative to other materials in many areas worldwide

View our Bamboo Promotional Products

View our Bamboo Lanyards


Cork isn’t just for wine – it has a wide range of applications for use in conference items such as bags, accessories, furniture, notepads and more

View our Cork Promotional Products

Corn Starch

Cornstarch products include pens, mugs, and plastic substitutes  – 100% biodegradable and compostable

View our Cornstarch Promotional Products

Wheat Straw

Just like plastic – wheat straw is lightweight and stands up to heavy treatment. Unlike plastic – this new bioplastic is not made from fossil fuels

View our Wheat Straw Promotional Products

Recycled PET Plastic

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a highly recyclable plastic resin and a form of polyester. Frequently used in packaging, Lightweight and recyclable PET is even used in t shirt material

View our PET Plastic Promotional Products

View our Recycled PET Plastic Lanyards

Kraft Paper

Kraft is a paper board produced from Chemical Pulp. 100% eco-friendly, Kraft degrades naturally within a few weeks

View our Kraft Paper promotional products


Cotton paper, also known as rag paper or rag stock paper, is made using a cotton lint from cotton rags. … Cotton paper is super strong and produced no additional environmental impact

View Our Cotton Promotional Products

View our Cotton Tote Bags

Recycled Cardstock

Recycled Cardstock is the card equivalent of recycled paper.  Available in plenty of colours and used on many printable products.

View Our Recycled Cardstock Name Badges

Limestone Paper

Limestone paper. stone paper or rock paper is made form stone dust and a bio polythene resin. Stone Paper is white due to being made from calcium carbonate, and keeps it’s shape over time. Stone paper is also waterproof and washable combining the advantage of both paper and plastic

View Our Limestone Paper Name Badges

Check back for more information – every week we will be taking a deep dive into bioplastics and eco friendly products for your conference – including how it’s made and how you can help make your next conference as plastic free as possible!

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