Hangout with your Conference Attendees with Google Plus

google plus hangoutsGoogle Plus – now there are even more ways to hang out with your delegates

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you would have heard of Google Plus or ‘G+’ as it’s known.

G+ has been around for a little while now so we’ve been checking out features since G+ first went live so that we can pass the information to you – the event organizers and attendees (see our last post on G+)

Google Plus – What does it actually mean for conference and event organisers?

Aside from the familiar social networking interface, there is one very important feature of the Google Plus package – Hangouts! Essentially Video Conferencing lite – you can take advantage of G+ for publicity and live event coverage RIGHT NOW with just one click of the ‘hangout’ button.

You don’t have to log out of email, you don’t have to use another tool, you can use the video chat tool whilst updating your social profile, checking emails, and literally hanging out with colleagues, co workers, event attendees, friends and business associates.

How does this help?

Just imagine, global brainstorming with everyone in the same room and able to see each other, yes you can do that already with skype and my other conferencing tools, but not for FREE and certainly not with the ability to use video with more than one person.

For conferences and events you can literally have guest speakers hanging out with attendees, create virtual hangouts for those that can’t attend, and all you need is a webcam, and internet connection, and a google account.

We will be providing more information on how to use Google Plus in the coming weeks with real time examples, so come and hangout with mybadges on G+

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