Happy 25th Birthday MyBadges.com

MyBadges.com is 25 years old!

For quarter of a century we have been providing quality name badges, lanyards, badge wallets and conference supplies. It’s been an amazing journey and we thank our customers for supporting us for all this time.

We don’t just like to say Thank You – we want to show you! Starting in March 2013 we will be:

  • Giving discounts an offers on a different product each month.
  • Extending our Kindle Giveaway for 2013 in our Customer Prize Draw
  • Starting our Community Program by offering a 25,000 Lanyards, Badges or Badge Wallets Giveaway – offering assistance to deserving causes. (more info coming soon!)
  • Sharing all of the knowledge we have gathered over 25 years on our Event Marketing Blog
  • Sharing great moments and stories of people we have helped over the years on our community pages

Be sure to ask when you call, and keep checking back. If you want to be the first to know – there are a number of ways that you can find out about our Anniversary Offers:

  • Sign up to our Newsletter – We will be sending out a newsletter update at the start of every month to let everyone know what’s on offer and how many lanyards we have given away
  • Follow us on Twitter – for event management tips, updates and real time offers
  • Like our Facebook Page – for info direct to your social media stream!

These discounts will not be available in store again after 2013 so be sure to take advantage of our one time offers!

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Our Favorite Testimonial

You are the BEST! I cannot thank you enough. I used to work in customer service and I would like to think that I gave as good customer service as you. You took the time to ask me what the event was and help me pick the right product with the right price. I really appreciate everything and would order from you again in a second!!

- C.B., The Marshall Group, Inc

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